Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Anticipated Return of Amidala

Last post was 5 months ago.

Times flies. I mean it flew away in a blink. Did we just blinked it away? Did 5 months really happened? Did I just left this place to rot? Did I miss anything here? Clearly I had. Clearly I did. Time. We say 'we have no time', we say "time just went away', we say 'eh tetibe dah lupa pastu bye bye'. Talking about time is serious shit. I am 5 months older (wiser I hope). Clearly, 5 months ago I was in a different struggle and battle of life. Now I am looking at possibly a scary exciting future ahead. Firstly, my book is now under a publisher. Woohooo. Alhamdulillah. Waiting for the book to be on the shelves. Soon. Woohooo. Secondly, I quit my barista job. Sad. I love that job. Dearly. It was humbling and fun. Never thought that I spent half a year doing what I always wanted to do. Best yet, I earned a humbling pile of fortune for myself. Not much but my piggy bank grew fatter after my coffee job stint. Duit untuk rasa hidup. I called it, "tabung kehidupan". Used it for experiencing life. So far okaylah. Di samping itu, how about love? Any good news? Ahahaha. Let's just say, if i ask your alamat rumah out of the blue, dah nak kahwin lah tu. I promise myself to personally hantar semua jemputan, sekeping kad. Barulah formal, proper sikit kan? Takat invite kat facebook, tak sampai niat tu. Lebih afdal hantar kad. Eceh. Tak boleh belah langsung. Macam kahwin esok. Menggelabah mintak alamat orang poslaju semua. Marah posmen-posmen semalaya.

Akhirnya, you people still read my crap. You guys are too nice. hahaha.


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